Mini Fridge Fridays

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Mini Fridge Fridays

Every week we offer a different promotion—a discount on select products, a BOGO, a raffle, a contest, etc.—that you can redeem by living the High Life. Miller, that is. On Fridays, to celebrate the end of the work week, we scribble said promotion on the chalk wall behind our trusty mini fridge in the gear room. All you've got to do is enjoy a cold one and hand us the empty when you're ready to check out. Want to know what the promotion is for any given week? Follow us on Instagram


On occasion, we've been known to let people redeem the promotion without indulging.


On occasion, we've been known to forget to post a promotion. In this event, the promotion is free beer. 


Speaking of free beer, it's always there. Doesn't have to be a Friday. It's just accompanied by a promotion on Fridays. Usually. We don't hide the mini fridge the rest of the week or anything. You're more than welcome to come have a beer on us any day of the week. But Fridays are the best. 'Cause of the promotions that (usually) happen. Got it?


Why High Life? It's an institution at Back Country. Always has been. Why is it an institution at Back Country? A long history of being a union-made beer.